5 Cool Themes for Office Design

Are you planning on opening a new office or redesigning an existing one? Here is a list of five very distinct office theme ideas that may help you get the creative juices flowing:

Office Theme

  1. Bright and Bold Office Theme
    Many of the newest and most daring office themes feature bright and bold colours. Daring splashes of colour and bold accents create drama in these spaces. The Outbrain office – housed in New York’s Silicon Alley – is a good example of this, with its white walls, bright coloured light fixtures and various splashes of colour. This theme is sure to get the creativity flowing.
  2. Start-up Office Theme
    A start-up office theme can be a lot of fun for employees, as it fosters the environment of youthful, newfound success even if a company has already made it well beyond the initial start-up days. Foursquare’s headquarters is a good example of this. Despite the company’s proven success, the office is still housed in a loft and feels like it is skirting the line between bona fide company and something that a young entrepreneur is trying to get off the ground in her own apartment.
  3. Whimsical Office Theme
    Many new offices are taking a more ethereal approach to their design theme. The Mind Candy office has a meeting room that is reminiscent of a wooden treehouse. Meanwhile, Google’s Japan office looks like it belongs in a futuristic cartoon world. A Whimsical theme can certainly inspire creativity, but it also has the potential of becoming a distraction. That is why it’s so important to maintain focus on the functional aspects of work by fitting the space out with comfortable office furniture in Sydney, London or San Francisco, etc. – depending on where the office is based. In other words, don’t let the theme pull you away from the primary role of the office.
  4. Vintage Themed Office
    Don’t confuse this with an old-school office theme, which would probably have a bull-pen in the common area and then a few nicer corner offices for the executive staff. In this case, we’re talking about hip and modern offices that incorporate a few vintage touches. These could be vintage photos, antique typewriters (for aesthetic purposes only, of course) or restored vintage furniture. Based in Manchester, the UK’s Ubiquitous’ headquarters pulls this off marvellously.
  5. Ethereal and Office Theme
    An ethereal themed office is going to incorporate generous amounts of natural light to fill large, open spaces. Tasting Table’s office in New York City uses four expansive skylights to illuminate its work space. All that extra sunlight is good for morale and helps boost productivity in the process.


As we mentioned above, any office theme needs to reinforce the identity of the company and support the people who work in it. An office is not an art gallery; it is first and foremost a den of productivity. However, a well-designed office with comfortable furnishings is likely to be more successful than a poorly designed one.