Book Review: the New Game of Business

On the off-chance that you think you’ve seen and heard everything to say, The NEW Game of Business brings new qualifications and a new point of view to the universe of business.

This thin, simple to-pursue delicate spread book is good to the point that it need to obliged perusing ready to go schools as far and wide as possible. Each business person and each organization representative, from the janitor to the CEO ought to peruse and rehash this book.

The writer’s quote in Chapter Five pleasantly abridge the subject of this book. Mitchell Axelrod says this “I help you get from where you are, to where you need to be.” The new diversion around the local area is that of correspondence and no more does the business person with the most toys win.


Shoppers are worn out on turning on the TV consistently to all the more terrible news about seriously run organizations. Debasement and outrage seem to govern the day and this antagonism takes a toll on the economy and prosperity of the people who offer and the people who buy. Mitchell Axelrod exhorts that reasoning fresh is outdated to the point that organizations need to discard the crate completely and start playing “The NEW Game of Business.” This amusement is comprehensive instead of selective and it is based upon administration. Perusing this book will help show you the benefit of tossing out the old manages and composing another script for another amusement. A diversion where everybody wins.

The sections of this book include: Play by the New Rules… “Proviso Vendidor!” Design a New Strategy… It’s NOT simply Business; It’s Personal!, Practice New Economics… Great Deals are Good Business!, Seek a New Mission… Put People Ahead of Products and Profits!, Send a New Message… What Business Are YOU In?, Chant a New Mantra… “Serve, Deliver, Serve Some More!”, Find New Solutions… Don’t Fall in Love with Products or Services!, Acquire New Skills… Expert the Tools of the Game!, Build A New Model… Incorporate or Disintegrate! also Generate New Money… Benefit is Everybody’s Business! The material spreads everything a peruse needs to think about producing a benefit while picking up long-lasting clients and keeping faithful and upbeat workers. Apply these demonstrated standards used by organizations, such as, Nordstrom and Starbucks and you will discover your business developing exponentially while you doyour fantasies!

Mitchell Axelrod is a specialist, proficient speaker, syndicated program radio host and as often as possible distributed creator on the subjects of promoting, deals, enterprise, life abilities and playing the new amusement. In excess of twenty-five years Mitch has been counseling with Fortune 500 organizations, banks, insurance agencies, little organizations and people on the most proficient method to support pay, build deals and benefits while determining more fun, satisfaction and fulfillment from work.