Finding the Prime Location for Your Tradeshow Booth

If you have not been participating in many tradeshows, you should be informed that there are bad sites and good sites for your exhibition stand. Since you are already spending a lot of money on the event and you desire to have as much exposure as possible, it is only fair that you know the right spots to set up your stand for maximum visibility, and below are a few tips to help you choose the prime location for your exhibition stands-:

Be near traffic action points

Traffic action points are places such as corners, intersections of aisles, and near exits where people have to pass to when they attend the tradeshows. With lots of traffic in such areas, you stand to get a lot of exposure which will in turn lead to many people passing by your stand to make inquiries about your products and services.


Be away from your competitors

The last thing you want to do is to camp on your competitor’s doorstep in a tradeshow booth. Even in small events, you should be as far away as possible from your competitors. Visitors will soon be overloaded with information and if you set up right next to your competition, you may not get the most from the visitors especially from those that have visited your competitor’s stand before coming to yours.

Hope to get near the entrance

Entrances are sometimes congested during certain times of the day, especially in international tradeshow displays. During large exhibitions, the booths near the entrances normally get a lot of traffic and so you should strive to get one as much as possible. You will be the first person the visitors will see and if you have very good products, you can get lots of leads and sales from the event.

Use these tips to land the prime locations in trade shows so that you can make the most from every visitor that visits the event.