How Canadian Customs Brokers Can Help You Get Your Visa

The country of Canada accepts plenty of immigrants each year and is touted as having one of the most lax immigration policies of any nation. However, if you are trying to move here without having to run into a ton of obstacles, there are some methods that you can implore to expedite your efforts.

Each year, thousands upon thousands of people try to get a visa from Canadian customs brokers, but only a small percentage are actually approved. One of the most common reasons is because they did not complete the proper paperwork nor did they expedite the approval process. There are some methods that specialty services can undertake that can help you get approved faster, however. Here’s how this situation can work in your favor.

Getting Started

The first thing that Canadian customs brokers will do is take in all of your information. They will require things like your proof of identity, your photo and passport, your business or work history and even your college education. These are all factors that are considered by the Canadian government when they are choosing which people they will allot residency to during any given year.


Submitting Your Request

Once they have your information, agents will then expedite your case to the Canadian government to get you approved for citizenship. This process can take as little as a few weeks or as long as a few months. During the process, a lot of paperwork and forms will be submitted on your behalf to try and get your case processed as quickly as possible.

Working With Dedicated Agents

Along the way, you will enjoy the benefit of having a team of dedicated agents working for you – something that would not be possible if you were to go it alone; and also something that would really tax your wallet were you to hire a law firm to complete this paperwork heavy task on your behalf.

Receiving Your Clearance

After the Canadian government has had a chance to review your request and your paperwork, they may or may not approve you. In some cases, they may request more information, like information about your business, or your total net worth and so forth. Agents will again benefit you by keeping you apprised of what necessary documents need to be submitted to expedite your case.

Settling Down In Canada

Once you receive your clearance, you will be granted your residency documents. These can range from a work or business visa to a permanent residency status. Applying for citizenship would take longer, and comes with time; as few people are immediately granted citizenship. When all is said and done, you will be able to relocate to your new home and get all settled in. As time passes, you can then look towards applying for citizenship once you have met the biding standards as set forth by this nation.

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