Making the Most of the Minimum Trade Stand Space

Size matters in many things and although it may seem like a good idea to take up as much exhibition space as you can afford to give your company the best chance of success – it is also true that good things can come in little packages.

If you have only a small amount of exhibition space at your disposal it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a successful event. It is possible to be small yet incredibly mighty with a little know how and the clever use of a few tools.
Retractable banner stands and pop up displays are the answer – many of which are available at The Display Outlet. Checking out these and other items on their website is a great place to start when creating a killer trade show booth.

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to the trade show experience or are something of an old hand – correct use of banners and the back wall can help to make even the smallest space stand out in the crowd. You need to avoid cluttering up small sales spaces with furniture, props and other unnecessary display items – let your back wall do the talking and you will be just as outstanding as competitors in much larger sales areas.

Here are a few of the benefits of choosing this type of display:

1 – Pop up displays and banner stands are incredibly light, quick to assemble and lock into position. They can remain stable on uneven floors and can be easily transported in a handy carrying case. This means that they can also be easily stored and moved between trade shows.

Trade Stand Space

2 – Great graphics are easily achieved with this type of display. They are often held firmly into position using side magnets which means that you don’t have to use fasteners which could interfere with the overall appearance of your banner.

3 – The easy transportability of these stalls has already had one mention but it’s so important that they definitely deserve another. These displays come in carrying cases which can be carried or rolled into an exhibition hall. The case will hold everything you need for the display including lights, graphic, frame and assembly instructions. They can be easily carried by airplane, in the trunk of an SUV or car or can be affordably sent by carrier. Some of the carrying cases also come in handy if they are used as tables in the actual display booth.

4 – Set up times are quick, it really does take no time at all. They are so easy that they can be set up by one person which means that you don’t have any additional labor expenses. Every little helps you to achieve the maximum ROI you can.

Trade Stand Space

5 – Flexibility is another advantage of choosing this type of display for your next trade stand. You may only be able to afford or need a relatively small trade stand booth at the moment but who knows what the future holds for your business? Pop up displays and retractable banners can be equally effective in a smaller or a larger stand.

To re-cap – these marketing aids are easy to assemble, easy to carry, easy to store and can really help even the smallest of trade stands create a big impression. Check out the great selection available at Display Outlet and you’ll be amazed at how just a small amount of investment can really help to make a big difference to the success of your company at the next trade show or exhibition.

Trade Stand Space