When I Found Travelling As The Ultimate Refreshment Of Life

What do we need for being happy in life?  people will answer in different way. But what is actually the meaning of happiness? A well figured salary? A well house? Having the nearest persons always near? Yes, may be people try to stay happy with these things. But when I tried to find what is actually the thing that makes me happiest, I found that it is travelling.

Some people ask me why travelling? Because there are a lot of other hobbies and passions as well in the world. Why I’ve chosen travelling as my thing of passion. I answer them that what else is more interesting than moving one place to another and having new experiences? Travelling helps me to know the unknown,  see the unseen and doing new things in new places. I know everybody can’t relate themselves to those feelings. But that’s because of they don’t know how refreshing does it feel to wake up in a new city and watching the dawn of that city. It feels like falling love with new cities in every trip.

When I share my travelling experiences with others, some people ask me how do I get enough time for travelling. I answer them travelling is my first priority then other things. I see some people doing job, being very busy in life with family members and other stuffs and they don’t get time for travelling. They just only deserve sympathy and nothing else. Because when they’ll get old, they’ll only find that they just have done nothing for themselves. But they won’t have the energy that time to travel.

People says travelling is very easy, it’s just packing the bags and getting on the vehicle. But I say it’s not that easy all the time. I have to take care of a lot of things for planning a perfect trip and having the perfect travel experience. I have to make the proper budget for my trip. Choosing the companions for the trip is also very important for me as well. I always prefer them who has the similar taste like me. There is a lot of things to do before going for a trip. I need to book my hotel rooms, my tickets and research a little bit about the place. Besides looking for the perfect self storages near me is also important because I have to keep my valuable properties there. I need to make a list of all the necessary commodities I need for the trip and pack them properly. Then it’ll be a perfect trip for me.

I always suggest travelling as a medicine to them who are depressed with their life. Because for me travelling is the only thing that helps people to find out the meaning of their life and get back that energy and encouragement to enjoy their own life.